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"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Planes of Fame Air Museum for all you did for my Dad during our visit and to let (a veteran) sit in a B-25 again. You truly made his dream come true. I just don't know how I can really thank you."

Nancy S.- Email
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Latest Update on Air Show 2017

Apr 20, 2017


Many of you have been waiting for an announcement as to the status of the Planes of Fame Air Show. The April 20, 2017 hearing regarding the injunction request against the Planes of Fame 2017 Airshow has been continued by the court to April 28.

Steve Hinton, President of Planes of Fame has told us “We remain optimistic regarding the outcome of the upcoming hearing and we remain confident that the show will go on as planned.”

We understand that the hearing will be 8 days before the Planes of Fame Air Show and we want to assure you that your overwhelming support throughout this situation has strengthened our determination and resolve to save the Air Show. We are in the final weeks of the Air Show preparation and the details, arrangements and commitments are already in place. People have made travel plans from all over the U.S and the world. This Air Show is a huge investment in terms of people, time and resources.

All of the performers, sponsors, vendors and volunteers are steadfast in their commitment to supporting the Air Show and are excited to be here the weekend of May 6 & 7. We should have 5 Corsairs in attendance as well as an Air Force F-35 – plus at least 40 or more other aircraft. This is the Museum’s 60th Anniversary and we are planning on having one of the best Air Shows ever!

Thank you for continuing to buy your Air Show tickets! As you already know…if the order to stop the show happens, all Planes of Fame Air Show tickets will be refunded by Planes of Fame.

With your support and the support of the Air Show community, we are moving FULL SPEED AHEAD with the Air Show preparations and will continue to do so unless the judge tells us otherwise. The fate of the Planes of Fame Air Show will be decided in court on April 28. THANK YOU!! WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!!