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"Your Planes of Fame airshow 2013 was amazing! So many spectacularly restored warbirds. It's not an airshow, but history in flight!"

Joe U., Sun Valley, CA
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Living History Flying Day - F-86 Sabre

Jun 3, 2017

WHAT: Open to the public, Planes of Fame Air Museum (Chino, CA) presents its monthly Living History Flying Day on June 3, 2017, featuring the North American F-86 Sabre. A speaker panel of distinguished aviation experts, historians and veterans is featured, followed by a question & answer period and flight demonstration when possible. The North American F-86 Sabre will be on display and perform a flight demonstration. At 12:00 noon, the Raffle Flight will occur. Become a member to enter the Raffle. All members are eligible to enter the Raffle, but you must be present to win.

The Museum is open to the Public, General Admission is $11; for children 11 yrs and under, admission is $4. ages 4 and under are FREE! (excludes special events) FREE Living History Flying Day Admission for Planes of Fame Members! Click here to become a Member!

Click on image at right to see the F-86 in action:


Master Gunnery Sargent Andy Benjock was a machine gunner during WWII on the SBD Dauntless and the SB2C and was a radio operator on the TBM. He worked off several aircraft carriers Pacific Theater. At the end of the war, he and 5,000 other Marines were sent to China to disarm the Japanese. They would later become the "China Marines" where he spent 5 years till the Korean War fired up! He became a radio operator on the R5D, (DC-4) during that conflict. He flew on and off the "Chosin Reservoir" in Korea and was one of the few to pull the wounded from the Chosin Reservoir. He helped saved over 4,800 soldiers. After the Korean conflict, he was assigned to the "R4Q" (Flying Box Car) for the next several years based at El Toro. Andy was a load Master on the C-130 and did three tours in Vietnam. He retired in 1974 after 31 years in the Corps as a Master Gunnery Sargent.

Kevin Thompson Moderator and Historian will give a presentation on the F-86.

Cindee McCallister, daughter of former commander of the 142nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Delaware Air National Guard, Lt. Col. David F. McCallister, Jr. (1920-1961), a World War II P-51 combat pilot with 131 missions and rebuilder of the Delaware ANG starting in 1948, will be presenting about her father.

Colonel McCallister was the winner of a national jet air race, the 1956 Earl T. Ricks Memorial Trophy Race, an Air Force Association sponsored cross country F-86 Sabre race by Air National Guard aircraft and crews.

Colonel McCallister became Chief, Engineering Test Flight with Delaware's All-American Engineering Co. With more than 4,000 flying hours, he was nationally known as a strong proponent of military airpower advancement and flying safety. He died in 1961 in an aircraft accident at age 41.

Colonel McCallister's restored F-86 aircraft "Cindee-Lind 9th," named after his two oldest daughters, is mounted as a static display at the entrance to the Delaware ANG base at the New Castle Airport.

WHEN: Saturday, June 3, 2017, 10am–12 noon: Speaker program & flight demonstration. Museum doors open at 9:00am.

: Planes of Fame Air Museum, 14998 Cal Aero Drive, Chino, CA 91710-9085

: It is the Mission of Planes of Fame Air Museum to preserve aviation history, inspire interest in aviation, educate the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans. The Museum sponsors regular events in the form of inspirational experiences, educational presentations, flight demonstrations, and airshows in fulfillment of this mission.

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