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"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Planes of Fame Air Museum for all you did for my Dad during our visit and to let (a veteran) sit in a B-25 again. You truly made his dream come true. I just don't know how I can really thank you."

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Living History Flying Day - P-51 Mustang

Mar 4, 2017

WHAT: Open to the public, Planes of Fame Air Museum (Chino, CA) presents its monthly Living History Flying Day on March 4, 2017, featuring the North American P-51 Mustang. A speaker panel of distinguished aviation experts, historians and veterans is featured, followed by a question & answer period and flight demonstration when possible. The North American P-51 Mustang will be on display and perform a flight demonstration. At 12:00 noon, the Raffle Flight will occur. Become a member to enter the Raffle. All members are eligible to enter the Raffle, but you must be present to win.

Click on image at right to see the P-51 in action:


Cmdr. Mitchell Flint (USN ret.) volunteered at age 18 to serve as a pilot in the US Navy and earned his Naval Aviator Wings at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. He served on CV18 USS Wasp flying dive-bombing missions in the F6F Hellcat before transitioning to the F4U Corsair, in which he chased down and splashed a kamikaze flying the extraordinarily fast C6N. During his service, he earned three Air Medals and eight Navy Unit Commendations. In 1948, Flint volunteered to fly for the fledgling country of Israel in its War for independence. The air force had awarded Flint the Silver Wings with Red Piping, bestowed on the handful of pilots who flew more than 50 missions in the war. Flint probably flew more airplanes and combat missions than anyone else during the War for Independence. Flint spent February and March 1949 flying transport missions primarily in a Dragon Rapide, with occasional forays in a Piper Cub and an Auster. On Apr. 8, he returned to the 101 to fly the tamer Spitfires, which Flint described as "a lady's plane" because it handled so easily - and Mustangs. He flew a slew of Spitfires (numbers 12, 16, 17, and 22-28) and Mustang 41. He says one of the highlights and proudest moment of his service in Israel was flying Spitfire 26 in formation with 101 Squadron during Israel's first Independence Day celebration that spring. Israel's air force had become established and, after many combat and spy missions, Flint decided to retire from the Israeli service. In 1949, he returned to serve in the US Naval Reserve, ultimately achieving the rank of commander. He earned his J.D. from UCLA in 1951, and is still practicing law in Hollywood. Flint has recently completed a book about his flying experiences, "Angel in the Sky: My Life as a Fighter Pilot during World War II and Israel's War for Independence". A documentary was produced based on the exploits of Flint and other founders of the Israeli Air Force.

Michael Flint (Mitchell Flint's son) will also be presenting his movie Angels in the Sky (see promo trailer) based on an inspiring true story focused on foreign pilots who fought during Israel’s War for Independence. Michael Flint graduated from the prestigious UCLA film school. In 1993, he founded Producer and Management Entertainment Group (PMEG) located in Hollywood. This company has evolved into a central producing and managing entity that enables an individual or a company in association with the group to be networked to studio executives, writers, directors, actors, musicians, and specialized experts, thereby providing the individual and project everything required to become a success in the entertainment business. Flint is the producer of a feature length film, ANGELS IN THE SKY, released in Summer 2016. A companion documentary ANGELS IN THE SKY" The Birth of the Israel Air Force was put on hold till the feature film is made. A military man himself, president of the US Navy League Los Angeles/Hollywood Chapter and past president of the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, Flint has produced several installments of the American Veteran Awards. Lieutenant Flint, an award winning public affairs officer in the US Navy-Hollywood Office, has been involved in the production of such films as PEARL HARBOR, MEN OF HONOR and ANTWONE FISCHER. He was, additionally, part of the producing team that staged NATOS 50th Anniversary celebration, as well as the commissioning of the USS Harry Truman and the USS Ronald Reagan battle ships. Working with Columbia Pictures, Flint master-minded the creation of an award-winning poster that incorporated the film HELLCATS OF THE NAVY, in which actors Ronald and Nancy Reagan (then Nancy Davis) starred, into the celebration of the event. Read more about Flint’s accomplishments here.

Kevin Thompson (POF Moderator and Aviation Historian) moderates and joins in the presentation.

WHEN: Saturday, March 4, 2017, 10am–12 noon: Speaker program & flight demonstration. Museum doors open at 9:00am.

: Planes of Fame Air Museum, 7000 Merrill Avenue #17, Chino, CA 91710

: It is the Mission of Planes of Fame Air Museum to preserve aviation history, inspire interest in aviation, educate the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans. The Museum sponsors regular events in the form of inspirational experiences, educational presentations, flight demonstrations, and airshows in fulfillment of this mission.

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