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"My wife and I really wanted to thank you for the hospitality you extended us when we visited Planes of Fame. Seeing the SBD, Navion, Val and Bf-109 (HA-1112) up close was a treat, but even more so listening to your experiences. We have visited Planes of Fame before, but that day will always stand out as memorable."

Doug & Maricel R., North Vancouver, B.C.
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Grumman J2F-6

Leroy Grumman built his company's early reputation on manufacturing rugged and dependable seaplanes and amphibians, as well as world-beating fighter aircraft.
Several types of amphibious aircraft were produced by Grumman Aircraft from 1933 to 1945. Most prominent among these were the JF and J2F series, based on the Grumman G-15 design, both carrying the name "Duck." These were two-place general-purpose scout and observation aircraft.
The main landing gear retracted into the side of the main pontoon, which was integral with the fuselage. Grumman would use this same type of landing gear on many of their 1930s-era fighters, and up to the F4F Wildcat.
The J2F series was armed with a rear-mounted 0.30 caliber machine gun for defensive purposes, and could carry up to 650 pounds of bombs or depth charges for anti-submarine patrol duty. Six subvariants were produced, numbered -1 through -6. These differed little in external appearance, the primary differences being in powerplant and internal components.
The Duck saw service prior to and throughout World War 2 with the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In 1948, the U. S. Air Force acquired eight surplus Ducks and put them into service as Air-Sea rescue craft, designating them OA-12s.
The aircraft on display at Chino is owned by the Tom Friedkin family and is a flyable original. It was restored by Fighter Rebuilders in Chino. It is capable of operations off both land and water.


Status: Flyable Length: 34 ft. 0 in.
Manufacturer: Grumman Height: 15 ft. 1 in.
Year: 1933 Maximum Speed: 190 mph
Model: J2F-6 Duck Cruise Speed: 155 mph
Serial Number: 33594 Power Plant: One, 900hp Wright R1820-54 9-cylinder
air-cooled radial engine
Crew: 2 Range: 875 miles
Max T/O Weight: 7,700 lbs. Service Ceiling: 20,000 ft.
Span: 39 ft. 0 in. Armament: One Browning 0.30-cal machine guns (rear)
650 lbs. of bombs or depth charges