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"It was terrific to see the P-59...it brought back the feeling of elation I had some 65 years ago when I first saw the real thing... I had about 10 hours in the P-59. Enclosed is my check to be used in the restoration of the P-59."

Harry M., Little Rock, Arkansas
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Aviation Discovery Program

The mission of the educational program of the Planes of Fame Museum Air Museum is to provide a safe and structured learning environment for students to explore the science and history of flight through programs that instruct, engage and inspire.

The Aviation Discovery Program is the education arm of the Planes of Fame Air Museum and is organized into six categories.

  • Activities
  • Exhibits
  • Educational Resources
  • Visting the ADC
  • Events & Outreach
  • Technology


Hands on activities are designed to give visitors of all ages an interactive learning experience where they can engage with aeronautic principles and expand their understanding of aviation. These activities allow visitors to see, touch and experience aviation-based equipment and technology.


In addition to the planes on display throughout the museum, the Aviation Discovery Center (ADC) provides young visitors the opportunity to explore aviation history and the principles of flight. The Center is also designed inspire visitors to explore careers in aviation.

Educational Resources

As schools make changes in their instructional programs, community partners have a unique opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom walls. By creating a project-based learning environment, the Aviation Discovery Program will provide resources that will require students to use content knowledge and incorporate skills to support college and career readiness.

Visiting the ADC

The museum is an ideal location for field trips for public schools, scout organizations, and home school groups visits with its focus on aviation history and connection to aeronautics. The museum offers different types of visits structured to meet the needs of your group.

Events & Outreach

The expanding network of partners and resources allows the Aviation Discovery Program to work with other groups in the community to inform and educate citizens about what we have to offer at the Planes of Fame Museum Air Museum. Partnerships with groups like the Alliance for Education and Disney have allowed the museum to bring exciting events to the Planes of Fame Air Museum. Event Saturdays are great weekend events for all members of the surrounding community. These events are generally held on the first Saturday of every month in conjunction with the Living History Flying Days at Planes of Fame Air Museum. While the Living History Event is being held in the Maloney Hangar, there is also a special events being held in the Aviation Discovery Center for our younger visitors.


Innovation will continue to be a major focus of the Aviation Discovery Program. The center was recently upgraded to include more the current hands-on technology including touch screens and new computers. Updated applications and web-based resources are being added to many displays and exhibits.