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"It was great being at the Planes of Fame Air Museum yesterday. I'm so glad Sandy recruited me for the occasion. It was a worthwhile experience and I really enjoyed participating in the event. I must compliment you and all concerned on the extremely organized function. Enclosed are a couple photos of me wearing my 65-year old helmet, goggles and oxygen mask, which ended up like the paparazzi (taking pictures)."

Selwyn L., San Diego, CA
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Donor Recognition

Planes of Fame Air Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported in 2010 by the generous donations of the following individuals, foundations, and businesses.

Our many thanks to the following donors who have enabled us to pursue our mission to collect, restore, display and preserve the aircraft and stories of our veterans.

Mr. Brian Cole
County of San Bernardino
Fighter Rebuilders LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Friedkin
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Friedkin
Mr. Wilbur Richardson

Frasca International
Mr. Gary Johnson - Ace Clearwater
Mr. & Mrs. Rod Lewis
Mr. Edward T. Maloney
Mr. & Mrs. James Slattery
Stratis Systems

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clarke
Mr. Jack Croul
Mr. Jeffrey Harris
Poly Fiber, Inc.
Mr. Stan McClain
Mrs. Jo Pond
Mr. John Seibold

Allergan Foundation
The Bertea Foundation
Mr. Jeremy Bonelle
Mr. Tom Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Shelby Collinsworth
Mr. Dave Courtney
Mr. Jim Dale
Mr. & Mrs. Mike DeMarino
Ms. Linda Dozier
Mr. Mark Foster
Mr. Tom Gipe
Mr. Dan Hammond
Mr. Rob Harrison
Mr. Rob Hayford
Herber Aircraft
Mr. Dan Hill
Ms. Carol Hillgren
Mrs. Pauline Hinton
Mr. Phil Hixon
House of Balsamic
Mr. Lionel LeBlanc
Majestic Realty Foundation
Mr. Tom Nightingale
Mr. William Nightingale
Otto's Instruments
Palos Verdes Building Company
Mr. Anthony Price
Mr. David Price
Ms. Debra Relly
Ms. Patsy Shuster
Sons of the American Legion
Mr. Danny Summers
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sweeney
Mr. Joe Tidwell
Time Warner Employee Grant Program
Mr. William Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Walker
Watson Land Company
The Whiting Family
Mr. Mark Widder

We would love to include your name on this list.