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"It was terrific to see the P-59...it brought back the feeling of elation I had some 65 years ago when I first saw the real thing... I had about 10 hours in the P-59. Enclosed is my check to be used in the restoration of the P-59."

Harry M., Little Rock, Arkansas
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aviation Discovery Center?

The Aviation Discovery Center is Planes of Fame Air Museum's educational facility at its Chino location! The Aviation Discovery Center focuses on aviation history and hands-on displays to enrich your visit to the museum. A visit to the Planes of Fame Aviation Discovery Center involves:

  • Bringing aviation history to life for young people
  • Providing hands-on experiences that explore aviation and aeronautics
  • Extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls
  • Showcasing the skills needed for a career in science, technology, engineering & math

When is the Aviation Discovery Center open?

The Aviation Discovery Center (ADC) is open most Saturdays to all Museum visitors from 10am – 2pm. The ADC is also open for weekday visit and fieldtrips by special arrangement.

Can I drop off my child for the day and leave? Do I have to be with my child all the time?

We ask that an adult accompany children under the age of 18 at all times. Any child under 18 found alone will be escorted to the Gift Shop to remain there until a parent or caretaker is located. We take the safety of our visitors seriously, so no child will be allowed to leave until they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What age range is appropriate?

Aviation Discovery Center Exhibits, Activities and events are customized for children from age 5 to age 16; however, we’re sure the whole family will be entertained!

How long does a visit take?

Every family explores the museum at a different pace, so it can be difficult to give an exact answer. Typically, families move through the exhibits in the ADC in about an hour. No matter how long you stay, your time will be filled with plenty of fun activities!

What should we wear if we’re coming to the museum?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing (i.e., closed-toe shoes) so that you can enjoy all activities. The weather is often warm in the Chino area so both the Aviation Discovery Center & Theater are air-conditioned.

Can we bring outside food into the museum?

You are welcome to pack and bring your own lunch. The Museum Atrium provides an open space for a quick lunch during their visit. This area provides limited seating, access to restrooms and trash cans.

How can I donate?

To pledge your support to the Planes of Fame Air Museum's Aviation Discovery Center through a donation, please use the donation form below by clicking on the button.

The Planes of Fame Air Museum is an independently operated, non-profit 501(c)(3) aviation museum that relies on the generosity of others to continue to spark interest in Aviation and Aeronautics. We appreciate your support!

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please feel free to contact our Education Coordinator at the Planes of Fame Air Museum's Aviation Discovery Center via email or by phone at 909-306-5002.