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"I attended the air show and was amazed by the number of beautifully restored aircraft and how well-organized the air show was. As a former airman in Korea, I was delighted to see some of my familiar aircraft in the show.... it is my pleasure to contribute to your well-oiled operation.

Ross S., No address
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Member Airshow Tickets


Planes of Fame Air Museum Members get one day at the airshow for FREE!

Individual Memberships are eligible to receive one free adult general admission ticket for either Saturday OR Sunday good at Airshow 2017, May 6 & 7.  Your Member Airshow Ticket is good for only one of the two days, required for entrance on either Saturday OR Sunday.  Family Memberships are eligible for a total of four tickets for either Saturday OR Sunday: adult, spouse, and children under 18 living in the same household, or grandparents and grandchildren under 18, maximum of 4 total family members.

Membership cards are required to order your free airshow ticket/s, because the physical card has the membership number on it that is needed to order your tickets online.  If you don't have a card, you may purchase one or have a new one issued for $5.00 at the Museum Gift Shop.  The deadline for purchasing one in person at the Gift Shop is May 5, 2017.  Remember that your membership must be current to order and receive your free air show ticket/s, so check your expiration date and renew now by clicking on the button below!  If you plan to renew online or by mail, you must renew your membership before April 14th.  After April 14, you will need to renew in person at the Museum Gift Shop by May 5, 5:00 PM.   After you renew your membership, please wait 48 hours for your number to be activated before attempting to order your ticket/s online.  If your membership is not current the day of the air show, you will have to purchase a non-refundable ticket. There are no refunds on airshow tickets bought by any expired members.

It is strongly recommended that you click the "How to Get Your Member Ticket" button below to download and print out the instructions for obtaining your free ticket/s.  Following this process will make it much easier to get your ticket/s:

Renew your membership now to get your free Air Show ticket! Renewal must be done before April 14:

Member, after you have the instructions in hand for getting your ticket/s, click on the "Get Tickets" button: