"I just wanted to express my thanks to you and the staff at Valle, AZ for making our visit very special and memorable... The bottom line is that Planes of Fame is more than the planes and the flying, it's the great people working for you that make it an experience my family and I want to repeat. We appreciate the work you have done over many years to preserve our aircraft heritage and I have to think the Good Lord has blessed Planes of Fame because He wants that too.

Michael H., Vernon, AZ
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Photo & Film Work

All of our over 100 aircraft on site here are available for Static Photo and Film Shoot as well as many of the seven hangars full of airplanes and yard as shooting locations at Planes of Fame Air Museum. Additionally, we have a working Sherman Tank and other motor pool vehicles available.

View the static and flying aircraft list to find what you are looking for or e-mail for assistance and we’ll help you find it. 

We are, of course, the first place anyone goes to look for WWII aircraft as set dressing.  We continue to work with documentary companies around the world interested in our extremely rare one-of-a-kind examples like the German Horton Glider, Japanese Mitsubishi Zero, Russian MiG Jets, and French Hanriot Scout.

We have worked with the History, Discovery and Military Channels on a regular basis, as well as television shows, magazine and print work, and movies. We can readily and professionally accommodate your shoot!

Additionally, we are available to assist with coordination between the County’s office at Chino Airport should you also wish to utilize the airport as a venue.  There is also the possibility of using the entire Planes of Fame Air Museum, grounds, and parking lot for your show or movie set.

See our pricelist here and e-mail us today for a site visit.

Planes of Fame Air Museum aircraft and our Screen Actors Guild member pilots are also available for use and can be seen flying in blockbuster movies every year! Make your initial inquiries here.