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"I attended the air show and was amazed by the number of beautifully restored aircraft and how well-organized the air show was. As a former airman in Korea, I was delighted to see some of my familiar aircraft in the show.... it is my pleasure to contribute to your well-oiled operation.

Ross S., No address
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Visiting Military Vehicles


Bring Your Vintage Military Vehicle/s For Display!



Planes of Fame Air Museum enjoys the generous addition of visiting military vehicle/s for display at its air shows. Unfortunately, space is always limited and we are only able to include a few vehicles each year. If you are interested in bringing your vintage military vehicle/s for display, please fill out online the form below, print it, and fax it to (909) 597-4755 by April 8th.

You will be notified if your vehicle/s can be included at Airshow 2017.

Thank you!