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"I am writing regarding the P-51A... (Serial #). She was sitting on jacks at Cal Aero Tech when I attended A/C maintenance training there in June of 1951. I often felt sadness for that aircraft, as I was sure it was destined for the bone yard. You cannot imagine the thrill it gave me to run across your museum and see her so beautiful and know she was safe. It made me misty-eyed. I honor you for maintaining a beautiful legacy."

James H., Clarkson, WA
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Wish Lists

Planes of Fame Air Museum needs your help! Do you have any of the following items to donate?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your donation may be tax deductible.*

And of course, if you’d like to underwrite the purchase of any of these items, cash is always welcome!

We Need...

Any and all WWII Aircraft Parts including but not limited to:

Vintage aircraft tires
Vintage aircraft propellers
Aircraft engines in any condition
Aircraft radiators/coolers
Aircraft carburetors
Aircraft ground support equipment
Aircraft electrical components

Floor/Display Items:

Swing-down projector mount
Data projector
Flat screen monitors
Touch screen monitors
Commercial baby changing tables (2)
Office chairs


Aircraft grade hardware
Masking paper/tape
Paint and supplies
Sanding discs
Parts bins
Parts bin racks
Simple Green
3 inch Binders

* Check with your accountant to determine tax deductibility.