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3rd of September, 2022

Our HANGAR TALK event will begin at 10:30am and last until 12:00pm on Saturday, September 3, 2022, including our Flying Demo event.

The Museum will be featuring the Lockheed P-38 Lightning for its Flying Demo event.

Doors to the Museum will open at 9:00am. Regular Admission in effect - members always get in FREE

We have a number of engaging presentations planned, including:

  • The New Korean War Memorial at Planes of Fame Air Museum

    We're putting the finishing touches on the newest addition to the Museum - our Korean War Memorial.  We'll take a short trip through the memorial, which will be open to visitors on Saturday.
  • A Different Kind of Adventure

    Henry Boger is a longtime certified flight instructor and aircraft enthusiast.  He is the Chief Flight Instructor of Adventure Air, a company based here at the Chino Airport that offers rides, flight instruction, and sales of Autogryos.  These small, nimble little aircraft have been around since the 1920s and they offer a one-of-a-kind experience to fly.  Henry will discuss the Autogyro and Adventure Air and the unique characteristics of flying these remarkable machines.


  • A Look at "Mr. Skunk Works" - Kelly Johnson

    Jim Llano of Planes of Fame will profile one of the most amazing individuals in aviation history. Clarence "Kelly" Johnson was an aviation engineer responsible for some of the most innovative and important aircraft designs of the 20th Century.  From his early contributions to the Lockheed Orion and Electra models to his groundbreaking work on the Lockheed P-38 "Lightning" and P-80 "Shooting Star" and the development of the special R&D facility known as "Skunk Works," Johnson had his hand in aircraft that truly "pushed the edge of the envelope."  Jim will outline his life and contributions for us on this day that we fly one of Kelly Johnson's most popular aircraft - the P-38.
  • The Short Snorter Project

    Our keynote speaker for this month's Hangar Talk is Tom Sparks who will share a fascinating story of a little-known tradition in aviation history.  The Short Snorter dates back to the 1920s and involves individuals participating in a trans-oceanic flight signing and sharing various denominations of paper money. During World War II, the tradition took off, and today, Short Snorter (we'll let Tom explain the name) examples have become collector's items of historical significance.  Tom will walk us through the history, and show us examples bearing some of the more famous individuals from military and aviation history.


  • TED Talk - The Prolific Alfred V. Verville

    The Museum's Ted Mount will take us back in time to look at a man who somehow has slipped from the pages of aviation history and yet made an indelible mark on aircraft development and design during aviation's Golden Age.  Alfred V. Verville founded three aviation companies and designed nearly twenty commercial, military, and racing airplanes.  A man truly ahead of his time, Ted will explore what drove Mr. Verville and why sometimes fame and fortune are not the driving factors behind every endeavor.
  • A Fantastic Flying Demo - the Lockheed P-38J "Lightning"

    Topping off the day will be one of our most popular aircraft taking to the sky - the Museum's Lockheed P-38J "Lightning."  This long-range escort fighter fought in the European, Pacific, and China Burma India theaters of World War II.  It was the first military aircraft ever designed by Lockheed Aircraft Company and it was truly a "home run," capable of long distance flight, speed, good climbing characteristics, and dangerous fire-power.  Two of America's leading aces during the war both flew the P-38.  The Museum's aircraft is one of only a handful of flying P38s that exist and you won't want to miss this "rare bird" start up in front of our visitors and fly over the Museum for twenty minutes.  The Flying Demo begins at 12:15pm and after the flight, guests will be able to ask questions of her pilot.
  • Plus Much More!

    We've got food trucks on hand, historical re-enactors, activities for the kids and our Museum Guides to help make this a great way to spend your day at Planes of Fame.


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