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18th of September, 2021

New Live Magazine Format to Offer Variety

This Saturday, September 18, 2021, Planes of Fame Air Museum presents the first-ever “Hangar Talk” presentation.  
Doors to the Museum open at 10:00am and the presentation will be held inside the Maloney Hangar from 10:30am until 12:00pm.


What is “Hangar Talk”?

Most of you remember the long-standing presentations we’ve held called “Living History Flying Days.”  These events, which were held on the first Saturday of each month, featured over 90 minutes of presentations and discussions all revolving around a specific aircraft scheduled to fly later that day.  

“Hangar Talk” flips this idea on its head by taking a more varied approach to topics and presentations.  We’re packing a range of subjects into each event, covering everything from the science and technology of aviation to the people and events that have helped shaped aviation history to some of aviation's little known but thoroughly interesting stories.  It’s all designed to be fast-paced and full of energy.


Come Give “Hangar Talk” a Try

We’re confident you’ll find this new format fun and engaging.  For many, it will give you a chance to hear something, nudge the person next to you and with a wink comment, “I knew that,” while with other topics, your response might be, “I didn’t know that – fascinating.”  

After the presentation, we invite you to visit the Museum, talk with our Museum Guides, see the B-17 up close, and share your love of aviation with all.

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Hangar Talk - Planes of Fame Air Museum's Live Magazine
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