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If your question is not listed below, please feel free to call (909) 597-3722 or:


In addition, please be sure to read the General Information to get all your questions answered.



Ticket Information


  • Where do I buy tickets?

    It's easy! Click on the 'BUY YOUR AIRSHOW TICKETS NOW!' button below to buy and print tickets online (online fees apply). You may buy at the gate later.


  • I'm a member. Do I get in free?

    Yes, individual members are eligible to receive one free adult general admission ticket for either Saturday OR Sunday and Family, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are eligible for four free tickets, good either Saturday or Sunday. Visit the Member's Tickets webpage for important information to renew and/or to get your tickets. Tickets must be downloaded online before the airshow. Tickets cannot be mailed to you.
  • Where do I get my tickets after flying in?

    Tickets can be purchased at any ticket window at Taxiway Kilo.
  • Where is Will Call?

    Yes, there will be a "Will Call" window located at the ticket purchase windows at Taxiway Kilo.
  • Can I get tickets in advance?

    Yes, advance Discount General Admission tickets can be purchased online only through April 19th. Please go to the Tickets site for more information on price and deadline for discounted tickets. After the deadline, General Admission tickets will cost more.
  • Is there a senior discount on tickets?

    No. The only discount is when tickets are purchased in advance by a certain deadline. Please go to the Tickets site for more information on price and deadline.
  • How do I gain admission to the Air Show if I can't print my tickets or have lost them?

    Bring any proof of purchase. Please remember if the ticket number has already been used or scanned, you will be not be admitted into the air show.
  • Is Grandstand seating available?

    Yes! A limited number of grandstand seats will be available. Grandstand Seating tickets can be purchased online by going to the Tickets site. They sell out fast. General Admission is not included in the price of a Grandstand seat.
  • I am an airport I have to pay to see the show?

    As a tenant, you will have access to your hangar for no charge. If you want to enter the show area, you must buy a ticket. Information about the show in general and about advance tickets for tenants in particular will be delivered to your hangar in letter form one month before the show. See more information under the 'Airport Tenants' tab.


Show Information


  • Is the Air Show the same on both days?

    Yes, although some aircraft may not fly both days due to other scheduling commitments, mechanical problems, etc.; see Air Show Schedule (when available).
  • How can I find out if a certain aircraft is flying?

    Air Show Schedule (when available)
  • Who is performing?

    Air Show Schedule (when available)
  • How can I find out if a certain aircraft is flying?

    Air Show Schedule (when available)
  • When do the different aircraft fly?

    Air Show Schedule (when available)
  • Will the Museum and Gift Shop be open?

    Yes, the Museum and Gift Shop will be open and admission is included in your airshow ticket price.
  • Will Flo's Airport Cafe be open?

    Please call Flo’s for their operating hours on show days. (909) 597-3416


Parking / Arrival / Local Accommodations


  • How early do I need to arrive?

    Gates open at 8:00 a.m. Cars will not be allowed to line up at the General Parking lot until 7:00 a.m. The parking lot fills up fast!
  • Is parking free?

    Yes, parking in the General Parking lot is free (see Parking Map here). You may purchase Preferred Parking online. RV/motorhomes are charged for parking upon entry, get ticket and full information here when you buy your tickets.
  • How do we get from the remote parking areas to the Air Show area and back?

    Free trams are provided for that purpose, and generally are available to board every ten minutes at either end. Click here to view the Parking Map.
  • Is handicapped parking available?

    Yes. Primary Handicap Parking is available for properly placarded vehicles only, but it is  limited and fills rapidly, generally it's full by 9:00 AM, so come early to be sure to get a space.  Additional Handicap Parking will be in the Overflow Handicap Parking area.
  • May I park overnight/camp at the air show?

    No. Overnight parking or camping is not allowed.
  • Where can I park my RV/motor home?

    RV/Motorhomes are charged for parking upon entry (see Tickets site to purchase RV parking), which includes 4 general admission tickets. Only 25 RV/motor homes will be permitted to park in the south part of the General Parking lot. All occupants must pay admission whether they remain in the parking lot or enter the airport/airshow grounds. Parking personnel will assist you in making payment.
  • Is there parking for motorcycles?

    Yes, Motorcycle Parking is available and on hard surface parking, located on Stearman Ave. Follow the directions given by the parking personnel.
  • Where do I park when I fly in?

    Chino Ground will direct you to transient parking on the airport.
  • I am a do I get to my hangar during the show?

    To access the airport, you will have to take Eucalyptus to Bon View Avenue south instead of approaching on Merrill. If your hangar is west of Cal Aero Drive, use Gate 2. If your hangar is East of Cal Aero Drive, use Gate 5. Once at the gate, show your airport card to the county employee on station to gain entry. Only tenants with Chino Airport gate cards will be allowed access to hangars with their vehicles. Refer to the map on the back of your Tenant Pass distributed by Planes of Fame Air Show.



Safety and Security


  • Will there be a security search upon entry to the Air Show?

    Yes.  Please read the complete Safety and Security Policies here regarding what you can and cannot bring into the Air Show.
  • Is there a Lost and Found?

    During the show, lost items are turned into the Command Post.  After the show, those items turned in to us will be held in the Planes of Fame Museum Gift Shop for 30 days.
  • May I bring in alcoholic beverages?

    No. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Beer is sold at approved booths in the Air Show display area.
  • Can I bring a drone or R/C aircraft to the Airshow?

    No. The operation of remotely operated drones or aircraft on the Chino Airport property and within five miles of the surrounding area is forbidden during the Airshow.
  • Are food and beverages sold at the air show?

    Yes, there are a number of food and beverage options
  • May I bring chairs?

    Yes.  Portable chairs are allowed at the Air Show.
  • May I bring an ice chest?

    No. Only small six-pack size ice chests are allowed.
  • May I bring an umbrella?

    Handheld umbrellas are allowed. However we ask that you be mindful of the people behind you and their view of the air show when holding them up.
  • May I set up a pop-up tent or structure?

    No pop-ups or tents are allowed.
  • Can I bring food in?

    You are welcome to bring in food as long as it is not in an ice chest larger than six-pack size. However, there will be many food vendors selling delicious food at the air show.
  • May I set up my Barbeque (BBQ)?

    No. Barbeques are not allowed.
  • May I bring my pet?

    No. Pets are not allowed, except service animals for disabled persons.
  • May I bring a wagon for my kids to ride in?

    Yes, small wagons you will pull are allowed.
  • Can I use my roller blades at the show?

    No. The Department of Airports has directed there will be no access to any viewing area for motorized vehicles, golf carts, scooters, skateboards, mini-bikes, rollerblades, bicycles, tugs, or razors.
  • May I bring my camera/camcorder?

    Yes. You are welcome to bring your camera and/or camcorder and tripod.
  • May I smoke at the Air Show?

    No. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at the Air Show, except in the designated Food Court area.  This applies to e-cigarettes as well.


Chino Airport Tenants

Planes of Fame Air Museum is pleased to announce Air Show 2020, May 2 & 3, 2020 at Chino Airport.  This year the Air Show will be commemorating the 75th D-Day Anniversary .

See General Information - Airport Restrictions
These times are subject to change and air traffic control directives.

On Friday, May 1st, the Air Show area will be secured.  The general public will be admitted to the area only after paying admission.


Tenants with valid gate cards will have access to their hangars during event days, but to enter the display area, air show tickets must be purchased. Tenants may purchase an unlimited amount of general admission tickets in advance for $15.00, a 50% discount, through Sunday, April 12th and for $20.00 each from Monday, April 13th through Wednesday, April 22th.  No discount tickets will be sold after April 22th, only regular tickets at the rate of $30.00 each. All advanced tenant tickets must be purchased at the Planes of Fame Air Museum Gift Shop. Tenants must show their valid gate card at the time of purchase in order to receive the discount.

PLEASE NOTE - EACH TICKET WILL BE VALID FOR ONE-DAY ONLY - EITHER SATURDAY OR SUNDAY.  If you plan on attending both days, you will need to purchase tickets for each day.

Regular (non-discounted) ticket prices are: Adults - $30.00, Children (ages 11 and under) are free.


Tenant vehicle access will be via Eucalyptus, Bon View South, then west or east on Merrill. Only tenants with Chino Airport gate cards will be allowed access to hangars with their vehicles (SBC Ord. 2228/71.0410 (a)(b) prohibits access without an assigned gate card).  Gate #2 (between dome hangars 3 and 4) and Gate #5 (eastern-most gate on Merrill Ave.) will be the only gates operated during the show.


Tenants must inform their guests to use the same route as described above. If a guest turns onto Merrill Ave. by mistake, they will be forced to enter the General Parking lot.  If this happens, please instruct your guests in advance that they should immediately inform the attendant so that they can be guided back to Merrill Ave. via an escape route.

Tenants are responsible for providing a written guest list to the County personnel at either Gate 2 or 5, whichever is appropriate, in advance of guests arriving.  The list must include your name, hangar number, and the names of all guests.   You will also be required to meet your guests at the gate as they arrive and personally escort them to your hangar.

Due to airport security concerns, you and your guests will be required to display a vehicle pass to access your hangar.
A parking pass will be included in the envelope with the letter you received.  You are free to make additional photocopies for your guests to park at your hangar.  You must provide this parking pass to your guests before they arrive at the airport.

The Chino Police Department will be monitoring the Eucalyptus/Bon View intersection and will prevent any vehicle without a parking pass from entering Bon View.  Also, vehicles without parking passes will not be admitted to the airport.
Since your guests may not be familiar with the airport or the special access requirements for event days, it is your responsibility to plan ahead so that you and your guests can enjoy the day.

Due to past safety problems, please be advised that the Department of Airports has directed there will be no access to any viewing area (those requiring wristbands) for any motorized vehicles, golf carts, scooters, skateboards, mini-bikes, bicycles, tugs, or pets. See all Safety and Security information here.  Motorized wheelchairs are the only exception.  Also, due to the density of traffic in the hangar areas, you are asked to remind all of your guests that the airport has a 10 MPH speed limit in all areas.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will result in a safer event for everyone.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for supporting Planes of Fame Air Museum.   We hope you enjoy what promises to be another great Air Show.

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