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Experience the excitement of one of America's top Air Shows!

Planes of Fame Air Museum is proud to present the Planes of Fame Air Show on May 4-5, 2019. Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Featuring over 50 historic aircraft, including the P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning and P-51 Mustangs flying for your enjoyment. We invite you to join us in honoring the history, contributions, and sacrifices of our Veterans.

Performers include: USAF F-16 Viper Demo and Heritage Flight, WWII Airborne Demo Team Paratroopers, World's fastest piston engine aircraft P-51 Mustang Voodoo, N9MB Flying Wing Demo; Pacific, European, Korean & Vietnam Flight Displays, Gregory 'Wired' Colyer T-33 Aerobatics, Eric Tucker Piper Cub demo and Rob Harrison the Tumbling Bear.

There will be a Kids Zone, static displays, food & vendors, and more!

In addition to many other fantastic airplanes that will be performing and on static display, there will be a special panel discussion with some of our honored Veterans. Follow our Planes of Fame Air show Facebook page and check our website to receive up to the minute news on Performers and attending Aircraft and Veterans!

Saturday and Sunday May 4-5, 2019;  8am - 4pm. See all of your favorite airplanes fly!

Free Admission Kids 11 Years & Under

(when available).

Show Dates & Times

    Saturday and Sunday, May 4 & 5, 2019:  8:00am - 5:00pm  
  • Gates open at 8am
  • Up-close viewing of performing and static aircraft from 8am-10am
  • Panel of Honored Veterans at 9:30am
  • Flying Show from 10:40am-4pm
  • Gates close at 5pm
  • Static displays and vendors will be open 8am-5pm




Getting Here!

If approaching on the Riverside Freeway (California Highway 91), exit at the Route 71 Expressway, which only takes you north. Exit onto Euclid Avenue (California Highway 83), and turn right at the end of the exit ramp. Follow Euclid Ave. north to the traffic light at Merrill Avenue, and turn right then follow the signs and the Airshow staff's directives to parking.

If approaching on the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10) or California Highway 60, exit at Euclid Avenue and turn south at the end of the exit ramp. Follow Euclid Ave. south to the traffic light at Merrill Avenue, and turn left then follow the signs and the Airshow staff's directives to parking.

Map To Airshow



  • Parking at the Planes of Fame Air Show is FREE!
  • All occupants must leave their vehicle after they have parked or pay admission to remain in the parking lot during the show.
  • RV/motorhomes are charged for parking upon entry (see Tickets page for price and purchase), which includes 4 general admission tickets. (see the Parking tab on the FAQ page for more information))
  • Handicap Parking is available for properly placarded vehicles only. Follow the directional signs. Primary Handicap Parking is limited and fills rapidly, generally it's full by 9:00 AM, so come early to be sure to get a space. Additional Handicap Parking will be in the Overflow Handicap Parking area (see map below).
  • Motorcycle Parking on hard surface is available next to the General Parking lot.
  • Preferred parking is available for purchase. Click on the "Purchase Tickets" button on the Tickets page.
  • Sorry, no overnight parking.
  • Cars will not be allowed to line up at the General Parking lot until 7:00 a.m.
  • See parking map below: (click here to get larger, printable parking map)

Chino Airport Restrictions

Chino Airport will operate under waiver from May 4 - May 5; on May 4 & May 5 from 10:30 AM until 4:35 PM local time. There will be an intermission from 12:10 PM to 12:40 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. If you plan on departing Chino Airport during the intermission, please plan to start up, taxi, take off and be out of Chino Airport’s Class D airspace (4nm) by 12:20 PM. If you plan your departure too late, your departure may be denied as the air show resumes promptly at 12:40 PM.

We suggest that you plan to land before 10:00 AM on May 4 and May 5 just to be safe. These times are subject to change and air traffic control directives. Chino Ground will provide taxi instructions.



Safety and Security

The Planes of Fame Air Museum Air Show attracts crowds of more than 30,000 each year. The Museum is committed to providing a safe environment at the event for all to enjoy and has implemented the following safety and security policies to minimize risks to Air Show attendees and participants.

Getting into the Air Show
No one will be admitted to the Air Show without a valid ticket or proper credentials. Air Show personnel can refuse admission to anyone who is or appears intoxicated or who demonstrates belligerent behavior that could be interpreted as a threat to the safety of people and property. If an individual fails to comply with the safety and security policies of this event or with the directions of Air Show personnel, they may be denied entrance or removed from the event premises. These actions also mean that no reimbursement of any kind will be made.

There will be a Security Check at the Gates
Anyone desiring to enter the Air Show is subject to a security inspection of their possessions. If anyone has any of the following prohibited items in their possession, they will not be permitted to enter the Air Show with them:

  • Ice chests larger than six-pack size
  • Ice chests on wheels
  • Firearms, fireworks, explosives, fireworks, knives, or any other dangerous items
  • No drones
  • Any flammable liquids or substances
  • Beer, wine, liquor or any other kind of alcoholic beverage
  • Illegal substances
  • Skateboards, roller skates, wheelie shoes, bicycles, roller blades, "Razor" style boards, or any motorized or un-motorized wheeled vehicles
  • Pets or animals of any kind, except service animals accompanying disabled persons
  • Bags or luggage larger than 12-x-18 inches
  • Large beach-style umbrellas or pop-up or tent structures
  • Metal or glass containers
  • Any kind of tool
  • Barbecues

What May I Bring?
The following are permitted items that you may take into the Air Show with you:

  • Chairs
  • Handheld umbrellas
  • Six-pack size ice chests
  • Cameras, Camcorders, video camera recorders: photographic or video equipment may not impede the view of others nor disrupt the flow of foot or vehicular traffic.
  • Cell phones
  • Wagons and strollers for children
  • Wheelchairs or scooters for disabled persons (single rider)
  • Small backpacks

May I Smoke Somewhere?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere at the Air Show, except in the designated Food Court area. This policy applies to electronic cigarettes as well.

Thank you! We hope you have a safe and thrilling Air Show!

Tips to make the Airshow more enjoyable:

1. Weather & Personal Items - Please check the weather forecast before coming to the show. Temperatures can be moderate or extreme, so come prepared. Sunscreen is highly recommended. Handheld umbrellas are allowed, however we ask that you be mindful of the people behind and around you. Drink plenty of fluids. ATMs are available. Cameras and camcorders are welcomed and encouraged!

2. Food & Vendors - Every year there are a vast assortment of food and merchandise vendors at the Airshow. Food ranges from Hot Dogs, Pizza, Shaved Ice, Sodas, and much more in our Food court area near the tower and assorted snack vendors located throughout the Airshow.

Merchandise vendors, selling everything from Aviation toys, prints, clothing, books, memorabilia, & more will be on hand. You can often even find vendors selling portable chairs and umbrellas if needed.

3. Parking & Shuttle Trams - The General Parking lot is a grass and dirt field on the Airport. While we try to keep the dust to a minimum, please be aware your car may get a little dirty. Cars will not be allowed to line up at the General Parking lot until 7:00 a.m. Be prepared for long lines to park. Please be courteous to the California Highway Patrol, Chino Police Department, and airshow volunteers directing you to the parking area. Handicap Parking is available for properly placarded vehicles only. Primary Handicap Parking is limited and fills rapidly, generally it's full by 9:00 AM, so come early to be sure to get a space. Additional Handicap Parking will be in the Overflow Handicap Parking area (see map below). There is a shuttle tram service that makes round trips from the General Parking area to the Airshow entrance. You are free to walk if you'd rather not ride the tram, however it is a very long walk.


Local Road Closures

Traffic on local streets will be routed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as they deem necessary.

All traffic on Merrill Avenue from Euclid Avenue will be directed into the General Parking lot.


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