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  • "Voodoo" is a highly modified North American P-51 Mustang that became the Unlimited-class champion of the Reno Air Races. Steven Hinton of Planes of Fame Air Museum, Chino, California was the winning pilot in this aircraft in the 2013, 2014 and 2016 National Championship Air Races at Reno. Its trademark paint scheme colors of violet, tangerine and lime green gave way to an all white livery for its last race at Reno in 2017.
  • Originally, Voodoo was a P-51D Mustang built in 1944 by North American in Inglewood, CA.  It joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1951.  It passed to private ownership in 1958.
  • After a history of several owners, it first raced at the Reno Air Races as #55, "Pegasus". Bob Button bought the aircraft in 1997 and raced it, but retired in 2007.  He renamed it Voodoo and flew it in the 1998 Reno Air Races.  In 2013 Steven Hinton became the new pilot and flew it in the Reno Air Races, reaching speeds over 500 mph.  It was in 2013, 2014 and 2016 that he won the Unlimited Gold Trophy at Reno in Voodoo.
  • Still owned by Bob Button, but sponsored by Aviation Partners, the attempt to break the World Speed Record with pilot Steven Hinton was successfully accomplished in Challis, Idaho at an average speed of 531.53 mph with the fastest of the four runs at 554.69 mph.  Voodoo now holds the title as the World's Fastest Piston Engine aircraft, in addition to Reno Air Racing, Unlimited Gold Champion.
  • A Registration transfer took place in April 2018 after Voodoo was donated to Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA in December 2017.  It is now in the permanent collection of Planes of Fame Air Museum, which can be seen statically or flying at the Air Show. Special thanks to Bob & Chrissy Button & Family for donating this aircraft to Planes of Fame Air Museum.
  • In September 2017, Air Racing Champion Steven Hinton flew the fastest speed of 531.53 mph ever achieved in the world for a piston engine propeller driven airplane in this the highly modified P-51 Mustang 'Voodoo,'


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