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Education has always been at the forefront of the Museum’s efforts. The preservation of aircraft and the restoration to flight of many of the world’s most important and rarest airplanes have long been teaching tools to relate the history of aviation.  Museum displays and signage help to tell the important stories of our past. 

Among the many ongoing Educational activities at the Museum are the following:


Living History and Special Presentation Events

On the first Saturday of each month, and on select mid-month Saturdays throughout the year, the Museum conducts a number of presentations on historical subjects related to aviation.  The first Saturday “Living History” events typically revolve around a specific aircraft and include discussions, panels, and presentations of that aircraft’s role in history and the characteristics that made it unique.  Mid-month events tend to focus on a particular aspect of aviation.  Past subjects include, “The History of the Cal-Aero Flight Academy” or “Women in World War II.” 

A complete listing of all upcoming Living History and Special Presentation events can be found on our Events Calendar page.


Guided Tours

The true learning experience at the Museum is through a Guided Tour. Individuals, small groups, or large groups can all benefit from the stories and lessons told by our experience Tour Guides.

Each visit is unique and Guides can tailor your tour to meet your needs. Tours should be booked at least two weeks in advance.  For more information, visit our Guided Tours page.


Educational Tours

For students, we’ve created a special experience designed to emphasize and complement classroom studies. Learn about the parts of a plane, how a pilot controls an aircraft, and the many and varied career opportunities found within the aviation field.

Each Educational Tour is tailored to the grade level of students, and we span from T-K, Pre-K all the way to college level. Our Educational Tours get high marks, and we hope they’ll inspire and ignite a spark within each student.

For more information about Field Trips and our Educational Tours, visit our School Field Trip page.


Film Screenings

At each Living History and at special opportunities throughout the year, we screen a number of aviation-related films in our comfortable 45-seat Theater. From old training films of the World War II era to recent theatrical releases, each film screened provides valuable information and a glimpse into the past as seen through the camera’s lens.


Education Advisory Panel

Calling all Teachers and Education professionals! Our goal at Planes of Fame Air Museum is to have the best offerings for local area schools. We’ve adopted a mindset of “continual improvement” and are always in the process of enhancing our Educational programs for students. To that end, consider joining our Education Advisory Panel. 

We’re looking for teachers, administrators, and others interested in education to assist us in augmenting and expanding our programming and delivery. Of particular interest to us is to make sure our offerings align and complement classroom subject matter and topics.  The Advisory Panel meets once each quarter.

If you are an education professional or simply interested in helping us, please contact Brian Finnegan at 909-306-5002.


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