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  • The Nieuport 17 was a French fighter designed and manufactured by the Nieuport company during WWI. 
  • Gustave Delage, chief designer of Nieuport wanted an aircraft that had the strength of a biplane, but also the low drag of a monoplane, hence the resulting sesquiplane configuration in the Nieuport 17.
  • It was introduced in March of 1916. It had many maneuvering advantages over other fighters of the day and entered service with every Allied power, mostly mass-produced by the French. Licenses were given to the Italians and Russians to product the Nieuport 17, but because of its success, the German Air Force copied the design for purposes.
  • Among the Allied powers in WWI, the American volunteers of the Escadrille Layfayette flew the Nieuport 17 as well as the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service.
  • Its success gave it the reputation of being the best pursuit aircraft of the time. The Museum's Nieuport 17 is a homebuilt, scaled-down replica the original aircraft.


SPECIFICATIONS (original aircraft)

Status: Replica
Manufacturer: Societe Anonyme des Etablissements Nieuport
Year: Replica based on 1916 aircraft
Model: 17
Registration Number:
Serial Number: 
Crew: 1
Max T/O Weight: 1,235 lb.
Span: 26 ft. 9 in.
Length: 19 ft. 0 in.
Height: 7 ft. 10 in.
Maximum Speed: 110 mph
Cruise Speed: 99 mph
Rate of Climb: 852 ft/min
Power Plant: 1 × Le Rhone 9Ja 9-cylinder air-cooled rotary piston engine, 110 hp.
Range: 115 mi
Service Ceiling: 17,400 ft.
Armament: Two synchronized forward-firing 0.303-in Vickers machine gun and/or 1 × Lewis gun on Foster mounting on upper wing


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