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  • Gondola and tailfin of Goodyear GZ-20A last served on [N10A], the “Spirit of America” Goodyear blimp (non-rigid airship). The “Spirit of America”, after going into service in 1979, was retired in August 2015 after 36 years of service, with nearly 13 of those years being in Southern California. The Spirit of America, at the time, was the oldest ship in the fleet and could no longer be overhauled. Due to age and wear, Spirit of America needed to be decommissioned and dismantled. After 2017, the mainstay GZ-20s of the fleet were replaced by the new Zeppelin NT semi-rigid airship.

  • After traveling thousands of miles and covering many entertainment and sporting events, the gondola and tailfins of this helium-filled blimp, "Spirit of America", were donated by Goodyear to Planes of Fame Air Museum, which are displayed at this time in the ‘Foreign’ hangar of the Museum. This gondola is seen in this photograph serving on N10A Goodyear Airship GZ-20A "Spirit of America" in 2007. 



Status: Static Display
Manufacturer: Goodyear Aerospace
Year: 1979
Model: GZ-20A
Registration Number: N10A
Serial Number: 4117
Crew: 1 (6 passengers)
Max T/O Weight: 12,840 lb.
Diameter: 45 ft. 11 in.
Length: 192 ft. 6 in.
Height: 59 ft. 6 in.
Maximum Speed: 50 mph
Cruise Speed: N/A
Rate of Climb: 2,400 fpm
Power Plant: 2 × Continental IO-360 engines, 210 hp each
Endurance: 23 hours
Service Ceiling: 7,500 ft.
Armament: None


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