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  • The Yakovlev Yak-18 trainer (NATO code name "Max") was developed from the UT-2 trainer of World War 2. Development began in 1945, with the first flight later that year, and series production began in 1947. It was a low- wing monoplane with tandem seating, and had semi-retractable landing gear. The landing gear didn't re- ally improve performance; it was provided to train student pilots in complex aircraft.
  • The aircraft evolved over the years, incorporating such changes as a larger engine in a cylindrical cowling, tricycle landing gear, a high-performance aerobatic version, and even a four-seat cabin version. The final trainer versions are the Yak-50 and Yak-52, which are still in production. The design was exported to China, which built versions of the aircraft under the designations CJ-5 and CJ-6.
  • Yak-18s did have a brief military career during the Korean war. They flew nuisance "Bed Check Charlie" missions over Allied lines at night, dropping small bombs. These did no significant military damage, but disrupted the sleep of the soldiers.



Status: Static Display
Manufacturer: A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau
Year: 1958
Model: Yak-18A Max
Registration Number:
Serial Number: 
Crew: 2
Max T/O Weight: 2,450 lb.
Span: 34 ft. 9 in.
Length: 26 ft. 3 in.
Height: 7 ft. 3 in.
Maximum Speed: 154 mph
Cruise Speed: N/A mph
Rate of Climb: 1,000 ft/min
Power Plant: 1 × Shvetsov M-11 5-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 160 hp
Range: 631 miles
Service Ceiling: 13,100 ft.
Armament: None


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