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4th of March, 2023

It’s looking like clear skies for our March 4, 2023 Event Saturday!  Plan on joining us for both “Hangar Talk” and our “Flying Demo” and make a day of it by seeing all of the Museum.
Doors will open at 9:00am.  Regular admission prices are in effect and Museum Members always get in free!
This month, Hangar Talk promises some engaging presentations that will take us back in time.  Our Flying Demo features one of our most popular aircraft and a World War Two combat veteran – the Vought F4U-1A “Corsair.”
The Saturday, March 4, 2023 event has all the makings of a great day.

Here’s What’s Happening During Hangar Talk

Hooray for Hollywood Part III: “Winning Hearts and Minds”

With America at war, the film industry was busier than ever.  Among the many roles that Hollywood played was supporting the fundraising efforts of the war.  World War Two was an expensive war, and the American public had to step up in a big way to help pay for it all.  Hollywood stars went on war bond sales tours while Hollywood animators helped convince Americans to pay their income taxes.  Newsreels brought to American theaters the information about the war, and Hollywood helped boost the morale at home with high numbers of film releases. Many stars gave of their time to entertain the troops – both at home and overseas.



The Legacy of the 91st Bomb Group of World War II

Jim Llano of the Museum will conclude his series on the 91st Bomb Group – Heavy during its World War II experiences.  This month, Jim explores the legacy of the 91st through stories of the men and other activities of this highly decorated B-17 Bomb Group.  He’ll conclude his presentation with a brief look at the soon to be installed display wall dedicated to the 91st.





TED Talk: Making Dreams Come True

Our TED Talk for this month will feature Ted Mount’s inspirational look at one of aviation’s most prolific aircraft designers and inventors.  Igor Sikorsky began building aircraft for the Imperial Russian Army during the Great War.  Massive in size, these were just a sampling of what was to come.  After immigrating to the United States in 1919, he first built flying boats for Pan American Airways before delving into the idea of vertical flight.  By 1939, he was perfecting his first helicopter.  Today, the Sikorsky name is synonymous with the helicopter. Ted will look beyond his many accomplishments and focus on his perseverance and drive to follow his dreams – wherever they might take him.  Ted will show us how we can follow Sikorsky’s lead – no matter what our dreams may be.  


Flying Demo of the Vought F4U-1A “Corsair”

This month we fly one of our most popular aircraft – our World War Two combat veteran and movie star, the Vought F4U-1A “Corsair.”

The Museum’s “Corsair” fought with the United States Marine Corps in the South Pacific and the Central Pacific during the Second World War – flying numerous combat missions in some of the toughest fighting conditions.  

The Flying Demo will begin at 12:15pm and feature a brief presentation by Jim Llano of the Museum followed by engine-start directly in front of the crowd.  The aircraft will taxi away and we’ll conduct our “Members Only Raffle” which will feature a free flight in the Museum’s Vultee BT-13B “Valiant.”  
We’ll then thrill to the sights of the “Corsair” flying over the Museum for twenty minutes and upon its return, guests will be able to ask questions of her pilot.

In addition to all of the above, we’ll have food trucks on hand, our Museum Guides will tell you the stories of the Museum and its world-renowned collection, they’ll be fun for the kids, and our B-17 will be open for visitors to tour the inside.  A great way to spend the day at Planes of Fame!


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