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6th of July, 2024



We kick-off this day filled with special activities and fun. 

Doors to the Museum open at 9:00am and regular adult admission is in place. All kids 11 years and younger are admitted FREE all day!

To make the day extra-special, we’ve invited the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) with their “Young Eagles” program to talk about flying and offer FREE introductory flights for kids ages 8 to 17 (parental consent required – flights will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis). In addition, there will be a flying demonstration of the North American P-51 "Mustang" for all to enjoy!

It’s Junior Aviator’s Day and what better way to get things going than a fantastic presentation on the fundamentals of flying, giving us a glimpse into the wonders and joy of flight.



  • A “Riveting” Experience – see how airplanes are put together by learning what a “rivet” is and how they work. Kids (of all ages) will get a chance to rivet two pieces of metal together to make their own keepsake to take home.
  • Build a World War II Fighter Plane in our Junior Modeler Workshops – open to kids 8 thru 17 – This one hour workshop will introduce kids to the fun experience of scale model aircraft building.  A nominal ($5) fee covers materials.  Kids will build their own aircraft model and after the class, they’ll be challenged to take it home, paint it and place decals and send us a photo of the finished model for placement in our honored “Junior Modeler’s Hall of Fame album.  Space is limited so sign up as soon as you arrive.
  • Stomp Rocket Launches – Get ready for the countdown to launch as you stomp on a plastic soda bottle to send your “rocket” high into the air. Learn about propulsion and the power of air while you see your rocket fly!
  • H2O Bottle Airplane – for our younger visitors, we’ve got a fun “arts and crafts” project that teaches the fundamentals of what an airplane is all about. During this short activity, our youngest visitors will take a common plastic water bottle and “convert it” into an airplane. In the process, they’ll learn the parts of a plane and a few other fun bits of aviation knowledge.
  • Off to the Races – Pick your plane and send it zooming down the course in this fun and exciting air race game!  
  • Bubble-Mania! – Kids of all ages are going to love this – a chance to play with bubbles! Did you know that soap bubbles are actually physical examples of the complex mathematical problem of minimal surface? They are, but all we know is that they’re also fun to play with. Make large ones or small ones and watch them float and fly!
  • LBJ’s Lodestar – Our team of restoration experts has recently completed the static restoration of the Lockheed L-18 “Lodestar” once owned by Senator (and later President) Lyndon Baines Johnson as his private aircraft. Step inside this personal transport aircraft and go back in time.
  • Photo Op in an F-86 Cockpit – We’ve got our F-86 Cockpit open for kids of all ages to climb inside and see just the pilot is surrounded by their instruments and controls. Put on a helmet and take a photo for a lasting memory.
  • Plus More – We’re working on more ideas that should prove fun for all.



Here’s a chance for your child to take their first flight in an airplane. The “Young Eagles” program of the EAA is the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids into the world of aviation.

Since its launch in 1992, over 2.3 million young people have enjoyed these free introductory flights through “Young Eagles.” Many of these have gone on to earn their wings or pursue a career in aviation.

We’ll be offering a limited number of FREE flights, flown by qualified volunteer pilots, during Junior Aviator’s Day. We’re holding these flights on a first-come, first-served basis.

To qualify, each child must be between eight and seventeen years old. They must have a completed registration form signed by their parent or legal guardian. To qualify, each child must be between eight and seventeen years old. They must have a completed registration form signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Click the link below for the registration form:


* Submitting this form helps to reserve a seat on a flight, but does not guarantee your child(ren) a seat during this event. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.



We’ve got several food options and a great selection of ice cream treats for everyone.

Your ticket gets you access to all seven of our hangars and the over 100 aircraft and historical memorabilia on display. Our Museum Guides are on hand to tell you the stories of these aircraft and the personalities and events that surround them.

All in all, Saturday, July 6, 2024 at the Planes of Fame Air Museum is a great way to spend the day!


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