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Aviation art has long been revered as a means of capturing historical moments or producing inspirational images. We believe in cultivating the artistic talents of young people. Perhaps through these efforts, the next wave of aviation artists like Robert Taylor, Jim Laurier, or Stan Stokes will be discovered.

The Planes of Fame Air Museum’s Student Art Contest is an annual activity open to all students enrolled or home-schooled in grades 1 thru 6. Students are invited to submit an 8.5” x 11” drawing based upon the theme for the year.  Mediums include watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, indelible markers, or crayon.

There are three judging categories based upon grade levels.

The contest runs from late July until October. A panel of judges selects the first round of finalists.  Attendees at the annual Planes of Fame Air Museum “Taste of Flight Gala” select the winning entries.

The contest awards prizes valued at over $1,200 to First Place, Second Place, and Third Place winners in each category.

There were over 200 entries in the 2018 contest.  The theme was “Up Among the Clouds.”  Here are the 2018 winners for each category.

Category One: Grades 1st & 2nd

First Place: Alexandra

Second Place: Emelia

Third Place: Bethany

Category Two: Grades 3rd & 4th

First Place: Sean

Second Place: Rain

Third Place: Isaiah

Category Three: Grades 5th & 6th

First Place: Ashley

Second Place: Sabrina

Third Place: Aarin

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